Weekly Reflection 3: Digital Information

digital-newsThe number of ways in which we can find, evaluate and use an extremely wide variety of digital information is ever increasing (Reference and User Services Association, n.d.).  The Association of Research Libraries (2009) notes that: “Digital technologies have opened the door to a host of new possibilities for sharing knowledge and generated entirely new forms of content that must be made broadly available.”

E-journals provide scholars around the world with access to thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles; visual discovery tools like Pinterest give users access to a wide range of visual information, such as graphs and memes; archived websites like Pandora give users long-term access to online material; online news broadcasters are able to give instant updates on breaking news and current affairs on a global scale; social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow people from around the world to connect, socialize and share information with others and search engines like Google and Google Scholar make it possible to find all this information in a matter of seconds (The Digital Learning Challenge, n.d.).

Some of the ways in which I found digital information can be shared are visually represented in the Pinterest board I created, which is accessible via the link below.

Follow Cameron’s board Digital Information on Pinterest.

The video below discusses whether we are receiving too much digital information.



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