How My Peers Graded Me

The feedback I received from my peers – James Blundell and Carly Bradshaw – was extremely encouraging. Both James and Carly complemented the way in which the entries were written and designed, and both thought I had explored the content well. However, James and Carly also noted that on some of my blogs my word count was over 200. This is something I have struggled with throughout my academic life and although I am improving at “trimming the fat”, it is still an ongoing process. James’ and Carly’s comments enticed me to re-read my entries to see if there was any information that could be culled and I was able to get them all down to around the 200 word mark, not including direct quotes and references.

Carly eluded me to two things that she found confusing while reading my entries: the first was a sentence in my fourth entry that originally read: “Bartlett & Miller (2011) note that many digital natives are confident internet users, but not competent internet users in their report…” Carly suggested that to avoid any confusion as to the authors of the report I should put, “in their report…” at the start of the sentence. I completely agreed with this feedback and changed the sentence as a result.

The second point of confusion Carly cited was in my fifth entry, where I have started a sentence with the word, ‘but,’ which is not recommended in academic writing. As the assignment was a reflective blog I didn’t worry as much about academic writing as I would on an essay, which is the reason the word was used. That being said, I still changed the sentence to avoid any further confusion.

Lastly, it was mentioned to me that my entries could have been more reflective. While I consider myself to be a highly self-analytical person, I found that incorporating reflections, with references, minimal ‘I’ word uses and a 200 word count was a challenge and is an ongoing learning process for me.

All in all I am very happy with the feedback I received from both James and Carly and I found their advice on how it could be improved to be sound. It has been an enjoyable experience, one that I’m sure will help me greatly in my career as a teacher.

Click on the link below to see Carly’s feedback.

Carly Bradshaw’s Peer Review for Cameron Dodds

Click on the link below to see James’ feedback.

Cameron Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking-1


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